I can relate, Neta


Postcards from Home

During a recent historic image search, I stumbled upon wonderful Brodhead postcards from 1906 - 1908.

In the postcard above, Neta writes:
"I've gained 8lbs since I left home."
Oh, Neta ... I can relate :)

Neta's postcard in entirety reads:
"Dear Hattie, How is Ury? This is the first cold day we have had, hope it continues so I can go skating. I've gained 8lbs since I left home. Tell your mama 'hello' for me. And with love to you.  I remain Neta"
I found a few more postcards (pictured below) that captured Brodhead's unique beauty and calm, which nurture a slow living lifestyle which is present to this day. I was also personally biased to select one in particular, because it is addressed to Miss Ruby Bennett, and my daughter's name is Ruby Joy.

The other postcard which is from Bessie to Mrs Morton Mortonsen of Chicago dated 7/13/1906 says,
"Dear Bessie, We are having a fine time and are not homesick for Chicago yet. Expect to stay here for about 2 months. Lovingly, Nellie Field"

Time's Changes

This final postcard captures many buildings which are unfortunately no longer standing. These are specifically the buildings south of Exchange Square (closest in view in the photo).

I was surprised to see the amount of businesses, and this peaks my interest to dive a bit more into the history of these longer-present-buildings.

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