Downtown Brodhead

  1. The McNair Block built in 1868 (City Hall and occupied by businesses)
  2. The Ephraim Bowen House built in 1868 (occupied as a home)

Northside of the tracks | Brodhead, Wis.

  1. The McNair Home built in 1865 (razed)
  2. The Charles Altman House built in 1866 (occupied as a home)
  3. Frank Maylord House built in 1895 (occupied as a home)
  4. Sunnyside Manor built in 1896 (occupied as a home)
  5. William Alcott House built in 1891 (occupied as a home)
  6. Panda Lodge built in 1934-35 (occupied as a home)
  7. C. C. Stone House built before 1873 (occupied as a home)
  8. The I. F. Mack Dimrock House built in the 1850's (occupied as a home)

7. C. C. Stone House
8. I. F. Mack Dimrock House

Southside of the tracks | Brodhead, Wis

  1. H. R. Rugg built in 1856 (razed)
  2. The John Young House built in 1895 (occupied as a home)
  3. Theodore Golden House built in approximately 1881 (occupied as a home)

Brodhead, Decatur, Clarence

  1. M. M. McNair Farmhouse built in 1850s (destroyed by fire)
M. M. McNair Farmhouse

Brodhead Avenues &  Streets

Brodhead is laid out like Manhattan, with avenues running north/south, and streets are east/west.

In 1891, the avenues and streets were not numbered as they are today, but were family names (from my understanding, after the land owners), with few exceptions such as "Center," "Exchange," and "Commerce."

The following is a list of original names (with today's noted next to them).


Clinton (W 2nd Ave)
Center (1st Center Ave)
Dickson (E 2nd Ave)
McNair (E 3rd Ave)
Day (E 4th Ave)
Mack  (E 5th Ave)
Smith  (E 6th Ave)
Kingman (E 7th Ave)
Crocker  (E 8th Ave)
Gruver  (E th Ave)


Walker (17th Street)
Wolcot (16th Street)
Mill (15th Street) 
Holton (14th Street)
Finch (13th Street)
Cooke (12th Street)
Commerce (11th Street)
Exchange (same)
Goodrich (10th Street)
Dewey (9th Street)
Dousman (8th Street)
Tibbetts (7th Street)
Hall (6th Street)
Dunwiddle (5th Street)
Dimock (4th Street)
Pierce (3rd Street)
Stephens (2nd Street)
Laird (now part of 1st Center)