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Ephraim Bowen 1824 - 1890

Originally in the mercantile and produce business, later became a banker. The house Ephraim built in 1868 is exemplary Italianate architecture

Paul E. Derrick 1862 - 1937

Brodhead native, successful international ad man with agencies in New York & London. Returned to Brodhead for retirement with wife Adelaide, having built Panda Lodge.

Adam Clark Dodge 1834 - 1916

Prominent Green County businessman.
Wife of Adam Clark Dodge, and mother of Charles Sumner Dodge, Flora Elizabeth Dodge Drach, & Lewis Kidder Dodge.

Theodore Goldin 1858 - 1935

Moved to Brodhead in 1860. Theodore served in the U. S. Amy, was one of the last men to see Custer alive at the Battle of Little Bighorn, and received a Congressional Medal for her service.

Josephine Hooker 1859 - 1939

Daughter of Lewis and Sarah Hooker. Recorded key details of the historic modernization of Brodhead through the 19th century.

Clara Lane 1847 - 1906

Original staff member of the Brodhead Post Office, and first rural route mail carrier from Brodhead to Avon. Registered United States Civil Servant. 

I. F. Mack, Sr. 1806 - 1886

Founding pioneer of Brodhead, Attorney, and Editor of the Brodhead Independent.

I. F. Mack, Jr. 1837 - 1912

Civil War veteran and surviving prisoner of war, having served for the Union army. I.F. returned to Brodhead, having worked with his father at the Brodhead Independent. He ultimately went on to be Publisher & Owner of the Sandusky Register for four decades.

Elizabeth Lozer McNair 1822 - 1958

First wife of Miles McNair, mother of Mary, Laura, & Theodore.

Elizabeth Melendy McNair 1840 - 1910

Second wife of Miles McNair, mother of Frances, Grant, & Grace.

Etta King Stevens McNair 1860 - ?

Married in 1915, Etta is W. Grant's second wife.

Grace Elizabeth McNair 1877 - 1945

Youngest daughter of Miles & Elizabeth M.McNair.

Ida E. Hamilton Huntley McNair 1860 - 1937

Married in 1895, Ida is W. Grant's first wife.

Laura Allen McNair d. 1877

Daughter of Miles & Elizabeth L. Died young.

Mary Helen McNair d. 1854

Daughter of Miles & Elizabeth L. Died as a young child.

Miles M. McNair 1823 - 1913

Speculator and commercial traveller, Miles was a founding pioneer of Brodhead businesses, architecture, and Greenwood Cemetery. Miles built Sunnyside Manor.

Theodore McNair 1856 - 1873

Son of Miles & Elizabeth L. Died at 17, assumed lost at sea.
Son of Miles & Elizabeth M. McNair.

Charles B. Perry 1855 - 1940

Frances de Lancy McNair's husband, prominent Wisconsin lawyer  & politician.

Charles Stanley Perry 1891 - ?

Son of Frances & Charles B. Perry.

Eugene Miles Perry 1895 - ?

Son of Frances & Charles B. Perry.

Frances de Lancy McNair Perry 1862 - 1926

Oldest daughter of Miles & Elizabeth M. McNair, wife of Charles B. Perry, and mother of  C. Stanley, Charles M., Walter "Buddie," & Marion.

Olive Sophia Putnam 1843 - 1927

Daughter of Jacob J. & Mary M. Putnam, & namesake of "Olive's Journal" posts.

Burr Sprague 1836 - 1917

American lawyer & politician, preeminent figure in Brodhead's history.

Wilson A. Sprague 1871 - ?

Son of Burr Sprague, manufacturer of bicycles in Brodhead.

Jessie E. Sprague 1869 - 1954

Daughter of Burr Sprague, city Librarian, Suffragette, and preserver of Brodhead pioneer history.

Charles C. Stone 1831 - 1918

Original Brodhead pioneer, member of Brodhead's 1st Brigade Band (E-Flat Tuba), and licensed auctioneer.

John Young 1832 - 1912

Self-made businessman and Mayor of Brodhead. Hon.Young contributed to Brodhead's historic architecture through the hotel he built, as well as home.


Brodhead, Wisconsin

A city in Green County located on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois.


Catalepsy is a trancelike state marked by loss of voluntary motion in which the limbs remain in whatever position they are placed. Therefore, cataleptic is a person who has catalepsy. 

Congregational Church

Protestant churches in the Reformed tradition, in which each congregation independently and autonomously runs its own affairs. Congregationalists hold to the Bible and belief in Jesus, but individual members have "the full liberty of conscience in interpreting the Gospel," in support of spiritual equality and priesthood of all believers. 

Daughters of the American Revolution

An organization dedicated to promoting historic preservation, education, patriotism, and honors the patriots of the American Revolutionary War. Direct lineage, bloodline decent, of an ancestor who aided in achieving American independence is required for membership. 

Gabled Ell

One or two storied wood-frame house made popular across the United States with the arrival of the railroad. They tend to be a L-shaped dwelling, which features a central gable-front main structure, with perpendicular wing of the same height.


Italian in character or appearance. Italianate was an early form of Victorian architecture.

The Mack Letters

A series of letters published in the Brodhead Independent by Isaac Foster Mack, Sr. (Owner and Editor). They are a firsthand account of I.F. Mack, Jr.'s service in the Civil War, as well as a captivating insights to the realities of the war.

Milwaukee Brick

A distinctive cream/yellow brick produced through the Victorian Era.


Defined as those willing to accept higher risk in exchange for greater potential returns. A Speculator in essence was an Investor with less traditional risk tolerances during the Victorian Era.


A woman seeking the right to vote through organized protest.

Tonsorial Artist

A fancy term describing the work of those who give shaves and haircuts. It derives from the Latin verb tond─ôre, meaning "to shear, clip or crop." (Another descendant, "tonsor," is an archaic word for a barber.)