Marty & Fairman

Jacob owned the Jacob Marty Cheese co., and Marvin Fairman is noted as foreman.

The Next Generations...

Many families have lived in Sunnyside over the past 125 years. Beyond searching for the histories of the McNair family, my other interests include the Marty family and turn of the century history in Brodhead. 

By a wonderful stroke of fortune, I found the following photo (above + detail below) of the two subsequent owners of Sunnyside (after the McNairs) ... Jacob Marty, who purchased the house in 1916, and Marvin Fairman who became the owner in 1942.

Jacob Marty...

Jacob Marty came from Switzerland to the United States in 1883, and brought his family's craft of cheesemaking with him. I will be sharing more about Jacob in future posts, while working to share about the history and craft of local cheesemaking here in Brodhead.

The Mystery...

There are a few things I am looking to learn about Marvin Fairman...

The first being, how many more threads I can find connecting him and Jacob Marty, ultimately leading to his buying Sunnyside.

The second, is the incredible (large & locked) safe in our cellar with Marvin's name on it...

What mysteries does this safe hold???

I want to keep the safe intact as it is a piece of history to be preserved, but curiosity grows as to what it holds. 

Any historical documents?

Being obsessed with type and graphics of turn of the century, I am fascinated alone as to what any scrap may have on it from just a design wonderment point of view. 

Now if only I were a safecracker ;)

... more to come on Jacob, and hopefully any progress on the mystery of the safe.

Photo Credits 

(top to bottom)

  • Photo of Jacob Marty and the Jacob Marty Cheese Co. via The Brodhead Historical Society
  • Photo of Marvin L. Fairman's safe - myself

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