The Mystery of Miles


Gathering Clues

In scouring online records, and scant clues ... I have found information on Miles spanning nearly 100 years. This is just my first gathering of information, and will have to start to more analogue work in scouring libraries and available public records.

A Rough Timeline


 birth of Miles M.McNair (location unknown)


 elected as Brodhead's Street Commissioner


 built Sunnyside


 pallbearer to George West (1818 - 1903)


Although word of mouth and editorial mention Miles as having owned the local lumberyard, I also found professions listed as "Furniture & Undertaker's Goods" via Polk's Wisconsin Gazette published in 1882. 


This is where things start getting interesting, taking twists, and where oral traditions don't always align with digital paper trails.

Coming soon ... a post on Mile's family, and the questions raised ...

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