A Turn of the Century Easter


Easter Greetings | Circa 1910 | Milwaukee, WI


Happy Easter Weekend!

Easter was an important holiday in Victorian and turn of the century Wisconsin. With the spring thaw, and nature awakening, it was an ideal time of year to celebrate the cornerstone holiday of Christianity.

A Victorian Easter was (literally) crowned with a bygone Easter tradition ... the glorious Easter hat. 

The tradition of the Easter bonnet dates back to before Shakespearean times. Hats were traditionally decorated with flowers, but here in Wisconsin, paper blooms often were a necessity.

The following is a poem from 1898, is cheekily inspired by the gravity of Easter bonnet fashion:

"In midst of warmth and sunshine

One thought now gives us chills -

The smaller the Easter bonnet,

The larger will be the bills."

~ The Chicago Times-Herald 

 Northern Wisconsin Adviser | April 4, 1901

Conversely, the following is a romantic poem from The Mineral Point Tribune in 1898:

An Easter Kiss

On Easter morn, when Christians 


in Russia far away,

They greet each other with a kiss,

 In honor of the day.

And when I see sweet Annabel,

 And think of what might be-

I would not mind Siberia

If she were there with me!

The opulence of Easter fashion certainly transcended the Easter hat. The following are of some post-turn-of-the-century news clippings from Iowa County's paper... 

Iowa County Democrat | March 29, 1917

Easter is personally my favorite holiday, so it was such a pleasure putting together this post. Wishing you all a very Happy Easter, with the warmth of sunshine and loved ones. 

Wood County Reporter | April 4, 1901