The Impressive Lineage of Elizabeth (Melendy) McNair

Battle of Bunker Hill | June 17, 1775

An American History...

Miles' second wife, Elizabeth (Melendy) has a fascinating family genealogy, with direct lineage to some of America's most important events and movements. 

I am fascinated by the progressive politics and morally grounded pursuits of the Melendy lineage ... it would well explain Frances' strong support of The Daughters of the American Revolution, and Grace's support of the Suffrage movement. 

Elizabeth was a direct descendant, and granddaughter, of John Melendy (2) who directly served General George Washington, and was in the Battle of Bunker Hill, as well as served in the Continental Army.

The following is the dramatic story of the of Elizabeth (Melendy), and her direct lineage to partiots of the American Revolution and the Abolitionist Movement:

1757-1848 John (2) Melendy

John II served several enlistments under different commands throughout the Revolutionary war. 

He was born in Uxbridge Massachusetts in 1757, moved to New Hampshire in 1786, and on to Vermont in 1813. In 1832 he applied for a pension in Essex Co., Vermont. This was for two years actual service, private, Massachusetts line. 

John (2) Service in the Revolutionary War

John II was in Lieutenant Carnnick’s company at the Battle of Bunker Hill. He was also detailed from his company to serve as a personal attendant to General George Washington when Washington was headquartered in Cambridge, Massachsetts. John II served as well in the Continental Army in Rhode Island, Claverack, New York. 

Longfellow House | Cambridge, MA | Headquarters of General George Washington 1775-1776

John II met Sarah Hancock, of close family lineage to John Hancock through her grandfather on her father’s side. John and Sarah Melendy married in about the year 1785. They ultimately moved from Sutton to Croydon, New Hampshire. Next to Grantham, and finally Waterford, Vermont where they lived until Sarah passed. 

John passed away in 1848 at age 91, and Sarah passed in 1844.

John (3) ...

Eldest son of John and Mary, John III, was born in Sutton in 1780. 

He went on to marry Sarah, daughter of Captain Nathand and Sarah (Metcalf) Clark, in 1809. After their marriage, they settled in Croydon where they lived until Sarah’s death. 

John III later went on to remarry.

John (3) was prominently identified with the cause of anti-slavery. He also worked with William Lloyd Garrison “in a time that required raw nerve.” Although John III “prophesied the near downfall of slavery,” he unfortunately passed three years prior to being able to see the reality. 

Elbridge Melendy ...

Mary and John had ten children, which included Elbridge Gerry (1814-1890).  Elbridge ultimately moved from Massachusetts, and settled in Brodhead, WI.

Elbridge married Clarissa Trecott and had six children including “Rachel E. Melendy,” known as Elizabeth R. (Melendy) McNair.

Elizabeth (Melendy) McNair ...

Elizabeth R. (Melendy) was born in Lowell, Massachusetts on February 4th, 1840. Elizabeth (Melendy) is known here on the Lap of Legends blog, as the second wife of Miles’ McNair, mother to Frances de Lancy McNair Perry, Grace Elizabeth McNair, and W. Grant McNair.

The Honor...

We were just talking as a family, what a privilege it is to to call the house Elizabath (Melendy) and Miles McNair built home. 

It further fuels my passion to document the lives of these extraordinary people, as well as their contributions to our local and national history.


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