Grace Goes West

Like father, like daughter ...

It is no surprise that Grace shared her father's wanderlust and pioneering spirit. And in considering her impressive studies: including being the youngest student in her senior class at Brodhead High School, to attending the University of Wisconsin, to being a fellow at Bryn Mawr ... Grace's passion for history, language, and education took her literally around the world.

I learned in her obituary that she was a member of Phi Beta Kappa while at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Through this lead, I found her listed in the 1917 Alpha of Wisconsin Catalogue as a teacher in Pasadena, California.

This was a thrilling discovery as Sunnyside was sold in 1916. Three years after Miles' death. As a result, I was wondering where Grace went to after selling the home. Grant lived in New York City, and Frances in Wauwatosa. I knew Grace ultimately ended up in Wauwatosa long after Frances' death in 1926 until this exciting lead.

Go West, Grace

Just as Miles McDonough McNair ventured west in 1851 from New York via The Great Lakes, Grace traveled to the furthest reaches west, and taught in the fascinating and progressive Pasadena.

Tune in tomorrow, as I post on where Grace lived and taught.


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