Grace's UW Thesis - 1898

The Relations of the Citizens and Students of Paris 1200-1350

A gifted scholar, I thought it important to make Grace's 1898 graduate thesis available here on Lap of Legends for download.

Grace was 21 years of age at the time of finishing her graduate work. Upon graduation from UW, she went on as an elected fellow to Byn Mawr in Pennsylvania.

The following is an excerpt from the thesis Introduction:

"The present narrative is an attempt to reconstruct the relations of the citizens of Paris and of the kingdom of France in general to the masters and students of the University of Paris in the period 1200-1550. These dates are chosen for several reasons. The date 1200 marks the beginning of the period for which any adequate and satisfactory documents are published, and the date 1350 marks the limit of the period which in the time at my disposal I have been complete idea of the relations between the students and the citizens. There are, however, certain able to investigate. The century and a half between the two dates has a unity and is sufficient to give a difficulties in the way of the satisfactory discussion of the relations between the students and citizens during even this comparatively short time, for the materials for such a discussion are scanty and exceedingly disconnected.

The sources for the history of the University in this period may be divided into three classes: the literary, the diplomatic and the narrative..."

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