The Charles Altman House

Charles Altman House | 1866
photo taken present day May 2021

Josephine's Home

Josephine Hooker provided a wonderful account on the modernization of Brodhead in the 19th century, and as I start to work in supporting the Brodhead Historical Society's research on houses, I wanted to start with her home. 

Just a few blocks east of Sunnyside, the Charles Altman house is on the corner of Day Avenue and Tibbetts. Josephine's parents purchased the house, where Josephine lived in it until her death in 1939. 

The Charles Altman House History

Charles Altman purchased three-fourths of the block the current house stands on. This was on April 16th, 1866, and he purchased the land from the United States government, during the time John Tyler was president.

The house was subsequently sold to John Pfister, who then sold it to John Orr.

Mr Orr leased it to the Gordon family, and Harry Gordon was the only child born in the house until that time.

Lewis Hooker bought the house from Mr Orr in March of 1885. Lewis, Sarah, and their four children moved in.

Josephine kept house for her father, and lived in the home until her death.

"Miss Josie's" sister Mrs. A. O. Hyatt and her husband then moved in, and their granddaughter Mrs Marvin Stabler bought the home in the mid 20th century.

It is thanks to Mrs Stablee, that she discovered and shared Josephine's account of Brodhead's modernization.