Olive's Journal 06.01.21

Winding up the Clock | 1902

Annual G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) Convention.
Preeminent veterans' organization formed at the close of the Civil War 1865-1900.
Membership peaked at 400,000 in 1890.

The Countersign | 1901

Statue of John Paul Jones for the Capital.

His Unlucky Day

Wunst I got mad at maw;
I don't remember why,
But I 'ist walked right off to school
'Thout tellin' her good-by.

A big lump came in my throat
An' purt' near made me cry,
Fer me and maw is awful pals,
An' allus kiss good-by.

An' might' near everything I did
Went wrong, looked like to me;
I stubbed my toe, an' tore my waist,
An' fell an' skinned my knee.

I missed in 'rithmetic, an' lost
A chanst to get up head,
An' in the spellin'-class I left
A letter out of "dead."

An' that ol' lump growed, an' I says,
"S'pose my maw should die
Right now, an' me a-leavin' her
Thout kissin' her good-by."

Gee! That's the longes' mornin'
At I ever spent, I know;
It seemed like more'n fifty years
'Fore it was time to go.

An' never mind what happened
When I seen my maw, but I
'Ist bet I won't go 'way no more
"Thout kissin' her good-by.


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