Sunnyside Manor

The Sunnyside Manor | Miles M. McNair House

Built in 1896 by Miles McDonough McNair and located on Dickson Avenue (E 2nd), Sunnyside Manor is exemplary Queen Anne architecture, with extensive woodwork and leaded glass windows throughout.

Miles M McNair was a self-made business man who earned his wealth as a Speculator and Commercial Traveller. Miles founded Brodhead's Greenwood Cemetery, built the McNair Block on Exchange in 1868 (which Putnam purchased & donated to the City of Brodhead), and took pride in the homes he built in Brodhead: both the original McNair House built in 1868, as well as Sunnyside in 1896.

Miles was 73 years of age when he built Sunnyside. His daughter Frances, had left home by this time and was married to Charles B. Perry. W. Grant was also out of the house, married, and living in Indiana.

Elizabeth Melendy McNair, Miles' wife, and their daughter Grace, lived in the home.

Elizabeth passed while visiting Frances in Wauwatosa in 1910. Miles passed in his home in 1913. Grace lived in the home until selling in 1916, and removed west to California.

Sunnyside with the 3rd floor turret still intact. It was taken down due to wood rot, and was not replaced due to material rations during WW2.

Sunnyside, May 2021

Sunnyside features extensive woodwork, original pocket doors, leaded glass, ornate cast grates, and a second floor fainting room unique to grand Victorian homes.