Victorian Penmanship - Samuel's Self Instructor


The Discovery

I often find it difficult to dissect the designer from the researcher when going through Brodhead Historical Society's immense archives. That said, the arts - from poetry, to drawing, to music, to fine art - were far more integrated and celebrated in Victorian society than they are in these times.

In the modern era, "there's an app for that." The arts have a DIY appreciation, often overlooking quality, craft, and artisanship. 

So when I struck illustrative-inspiration-gold today, I decided to start a series of excerpts from this breathtaking book, with hopes of finding more to feature and share.

Real Pen Work

This book was gifted to Samual Naumann, from Mr. J. F. Stoldorf.

I have yet to research these two gentlemen, but the pen work within the pages of this book are simply amazing.

I hope you enjoy the following illustrated alphabet, full of imagination and incredible artwork...