C. C. Stone House

C. C. Stone House | Brodhead, Wis.

The House & Man

Built before 1873 by Brodhead's beloved Charley Stone. He built his family's home on Clinton, a street named after his uncle; E. D. Clinton. Also of historic note, Charley moved to Brodhead with E. D. Clinton in 1856 at age 25, making him part of the elite group of original pioneers.

C. C. Stone House | Brodhead, Wis.

Charley was a member of the original Brodhead Band, and went on to serve through the Civil War as part of Brodhead's 1st Brigade Band, known as "Sherman's band."

Upon his return from the war, Charley became a licensed auctioneer, and married Eleanor W. in 1867. They had two daughters; Minnie Blanch Skinner and Anna Smith.

C. C. Stone is important in our nation's and Brodhead's history, so please visit his biography post to learn more about the man. 

Charley Stone & horse Fred | Brodhead, Wis.