Goldin House

Theodore Goldin House | Brodhead, Wis

The House

A distinctive example of modest Italianate, the a style of architecture which was most common in the 1880's. The house was built in approximately 1881. 

July 2021 | Theodore Goldin House

The Man

Theodore Goldin (1858 - 1935) was adopted as an infant by Rueben and Elizabeth Goldin in Avon, Wisconsin. The family moved to Brodhead in approximately 1860.

Goldin enlisted in the U. S. Army in 1876, having lied about his age in order to serve. Three months after enlistment, he was at the Battle of Little Bighorn and was one of the last men to see Custer alive. Golding received a Congressional Medal of Honor for his part in the battle.

Battle of Little Bighorn 

Goldin also took part at the Battle of Bear Paw, but was subsequently discharged from the Army for falsely filing his age (after his parents filed an appeal).

Upon returning to Brodhead, Theodore married Laura Dunwiddie in 1881, and had son Herbert D. Goldin in 1884.

July 2021 |Theodore Goldin House

Theodore went on to study law, and was admitted to the bar in 1882, and was elected as Green County City Clerk that year as well.

The Goldin family moved to Janesville in 1885.