Milwaukee Brick

Milwaukee Brick was used in constructing Ephraim Bowen's incredible Italianate Victorian which stands proudly on Brodhead's 1st Center

Milwaukee Brick in Brodhead

Although Brodhead is a kaleidoscope of architectural styles including Queen Anne, Greek Revival, Georgian, and Gable Ell ... many of the city's spectacular homes are Italianate, and predominantly feature Milwaukee Brick.

Milwaukee Brick | Brodhead, Wis

The Origins of the Brick

It is documented that Milwaukee Brick was used as early as 1846. 

The brick achieves its distinctive cream/yellow color because of high lime and magnesia content found in local red lacustrine clay, which transforms into its distinctive hue when fired. 

Production of Milwaukee Brick ceased in the 1920's, ultimately replaced by more price driven (cheaper) substitutes.

Milwaukee Brick | Brodhead, Wis


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