Panda Lodge

Southwest view of The Panda Lodge | Brodhead, Wis.

The House 

Built during 1935-36, the red brick Georgian, called Panda Lodge. It is a unique home for Brodhead, and said to be the twin of the owner's previous home in England. 

Why "Panda" Lodge

and A ... "PandA" for Paul and Adelaide.

About The Owners

Built by Brodhead natives Mr. & Mrs. Paul Derrick. Adelaide Derrick is the daughter of Hiram Bowen, and niece of Justus Bowen who lives across the street from Panda Lodge.

Paul's father, Squire Derrick, came to Spring Grove Township in 1840, and owned 1,200 acres.

Paul Derrick opened an advertising agency in 1892. Quaker Oats was his first account. In 1894 he went to London and established an agency there. He sold it in 1930, and returned to the U.S.

Panda Lodge | July 2021
North-facing side

Panda Lodge | July 2021
Southwest corner

Panda Lodge | July 2021
south-facing side


January 4th, 1936

"Brodhead - Panda Lodge, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Derrick on North Clinton Avenue, is indeed a beautiful place at this season of the year. The house is of the Georgian type of architecture with a drive and entrance to tho north. On each side of the entrance are graceful evergreens which during the holiday season have been lovely with their bright colored lights. Το the north and west stands a stately Koster spruce, Its snow. north and and Koster blue branches laden with snow. On the west side is a wide veranda, where a large Christmas tree was decked with gayly colored lights and dainty ornaments.

Enhancing the beauty of the lodge on the south stretches a wide expanse of lawn covered with pure white glistening snow. To Panda was awarded first lodge this year place by the Christmas judging committee for distinctive and artistic Yuletide decoration of homes.

For 30 years Mr. and Mrs. Derrick resided in London, England, where Mr. Derrick built a success full business in the advertising world and became a well known executive. In 1929 he retired from active business life and he and Mrs. Derrick traveled abroad and in the United States and Canada.

Is Home of Charm

During the summer of 1934 they purchased the site where their new home is now located. In October the architect had drawn up definite plans and in June of this past year everything.was in readiness for occupancy.

The home has a charm for every visitor and guest. Mr. and Mrs. Derrick have brought from London many of the things they loved and cherished, to make beautiful this new home. Some of the furnishings are from their London home and many are English-antiques.
Most of the furniture belongs to the 18th century period.

The grandfather clock which stands in the hallway at the foot of the stairs was for many years in Bodelwyddon castle in North Wales. The dining room table is an old Loo table of English walnut inlaid with different woods of rich and various hues. The antique mahogany Heppelwhite sideboard is also an unusual piece of furniture. On the wall of the dining room is an 18th century mirror inlaid with brass. The base of the mantel be low the mirror is of mahogany, and was once part of the mantle in the captain's room on the flagship "Orion." It was taken when the ship was dismantled following the World war. Another mirror in the dining room is concave and reflects. the entire image of the person who stands before it.

Bodelwyddan Castle

Valuable Old Chests

The Derricks have a lovely silver service of old Sheffield plate in Intricate designs and also some quaint old tea chests of walnut with linings of lead. The chests were kept in the drawing rooms of the English homes in early days as tea then was rare and expensive. Paintings and etchings on the walls of the home are beautiful, some of them of London life, some from Venice and other European cities. A few are the work of the noted London artist, Miss Tharle-Hughes, who has traveled m the far east to perfect her art. Miss Hughes was a house guest at Panda lodge the past autumn and Mr. and Mrs, Derrick gave a reception in her honor.

"Untitled" (Burmese Monastery)  by Elfrida Tharle-Huges (1874-1950) | circa 1925

Mr. and Mrs. Derrick were both early residents of Brodhead. Paul grew to manhood on the Derrick He farm home south of this city In the neighborhood called Clarence after Clarence, N. Y., from which his grandfather came. Mrs. Derrick spent her girlhood days here also. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Bowen. After their marriage they moved to Chicago, later to New York City, and then to London.

Adelaide Bowen Derrick | 1923 passport application

Paul Derrick | 1923 passport application

Their decision to make Brodhead their home after retiring from business and completing their extensive travel was made in order that they might still spend many happy days with kin and friends."