Find Us at the Brodhead Historical Museum

The end of a blog, the beginning of something much bigger ...

When I began Lap of Legends over a year ago, little did I know the treasure trove of history waiting to be rediscovered right here in Brodhead. On a personal level, I had no clue how much this new endeavor of researching at the Historical Society would transform my life.

Now a member of the Historical Society, I am preserving my work within the Brodhead Historical Museum. A city so rich in American history and innovation, it is an honor to work alongside incredible women as we parse together forgotten stories, amazing people, and share all this with our community and beyond.

Lap of Legends is the tip of a mammoth iceberg (did I ever mention we have a mammoth tooth from Brodhead in our museum? ... along with arrow heads dating back 9,000 years?) ... 

After well over a decade online and blogging, I am strictly analogue in my work. My ongoing research focuses on Brodhead's founding, founders, and community. I am also supporting the creation of a detailed (physical) archive of all the historic homes in our city. 

If my little blog caught your eye, please visit our museum. The Brodhead Historical Museum is open during regular hours, and you can also arrange for special visits. We have regular presentations through the Historical Society, and you can even join us on a wagon tour. Who knows ... we might even share a wagon where I share all about Brodhead, a city I am grateful and proud to call my home.