The John Young House

John Young House | Brodhead, Wis

The House 

Mayor John A. Young built this grand Victorian located on Center Avenue in 1895. The builder is assumed to be Randall Gardner due to the identical floor plans to the Frank Maylord House.

John Young House | June 2021

Gathering at the John Young House from
Brodhead Historical Society's archives

The Man 

John Young and his family came to Brodhead in 1863. He was a self-made businessman, and served as mayor for two consecutive terms.

He bought the Manely House Hotel. He bought the corner lot from Fred Gumber for $3000 in 1868 to build The Young House Hotel.

Mayor John A. Young

The Young House Hotel | built 1868

The Cabin

Hon John a. Young also had a cabin in Decatur, and opened it up to the public in 1906 for the 4th of July holiday.

...more to come on John A. Young and his contributions in Brodhead history.