Frank Maylord House

Frank Maylord House | Brodhead, Wis.

The House 

Frank Maylord built this Queen Anne with clapboard siding. The house was constructed in 1895 on Dickson. The builder was Randall Gardner, presumed to be the builder of The Young House on Center Ave. (as the floor plans are identical).

Frank Maylord House | July 2021

The Family 

Frank Maylord (1836-1830), was born in London, Ontario. Frank and Mary E. Fleek Dawson (1866-1948) were wedded in Monroe in 1890. Mary was born in Brodhead, and had three children with Frank (Mrs. Harriet Tanner, Mrs. Ethel Pizzorato, and son William). Mary was preceded in death by Frank, and a son, Dawson. When living in Brodhead, Frank worked as a contractor and farmer. they were members of the Methodist church.

Frank Maylord House | 1980


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