Jessie E. Sprague


Jessie E. Sprague | 1869 - 1954

A Woman of Brodhead

Jessie E. Sprague was daughter of Hon. Burr Sprague, who was a lawyer, as well as editor and publisher of the Brodhead Independent Observer. Burr was also postmaster for Brodhead and Orfordville, judge of the Green County Court, and superintendent of Brodhead public schools.

Librarian & Suffragette

Jessie is well documented in Brodhead history as she was town Librarian for over three decades, and contributed greatly to the preservation of the city's history through her writing. I will be sharing her essays, as well as articles she wrote for the paper. This post is merely an introduction to this remarkable woman.

Brodhead Public Library | 1910 | Jessie Sprague, Librarian

Brodhead Public Library

Brodhead Public Library

Learning more about Jessie, while learning from her writing ...

Jessie lived in Brodhead her whole life, and from what I can gather from documentation, lived with her parents for much of it. 

Through 1930 census records, it is known that she also lived on McNair. This is the very street I live on, the street named after the man (Miles M. McNair), whose home I am fortunate to call our own.

I have also found out that Jessie was an active Suffragette, through a mention in the Wisconsin State Journal in 1887.

My "to-research" list notes to digitize Jessie's obituary next time I am at the Historical Society. 

Wisconsin State Journal | Saturday, October 1, 1887
Jessie was 18 years of age when she assisted at Wisconsin's woman suffrage convention.

Jessie E. Sprague | 1931

Jessie E. Sprague | Brodhead High School Yearbook | 1931 staff photo


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  • via the Wisconsin State Journal | Saturday, October 1, 1887
  • Brodhead HighSchool 1931 yearbook